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Celebrate this valentine day with a chocolaty smile

Someone among us has said that – “Love has no boundaries and it can happen without knocking your door”. Love is like a feeling, a smile that comes automatically after seeing someone whom you love, a sacrifice of everything and many more. The month of February has come, when the most awaited festival called “Valentine Day” is on the way. The festival is very famous not only in India, but also in all over the world. Lovers wait for whole year to welcome this much-awaited day, when they plan special for their beloved. The festival is celebrated for 7 days and each day brings new color, lots of happiness and most importantly abundance of love. Here I have suggested you the importance of these 7 days –
1. Rose Day

The romantic festival begins with Rose Day and lovers celebrate this day by exchanging a rose to their beloved. The first day of this beautiful week brings lots of enthusiasm and spirit among lovers who gives roses to their special one. Try to take out your beloved for a surprise d…